Cinematographer, Editor

Our mockumenteaur follows an eccentric, aspiring actor through his preparation routine in this proof-of-concept short film that is the precursor to the larger pilot.

As the producer and director of the mockumentary pilot (not publicly available), I oversaw and coordinated every part of the process from developing the script with three other writers, to planning the shoot with 15 actors and 20 crew members, to editing and coloring the entire 24-minute pilot. Working in the rigorously organized Agile project management framework that I adapted from my background as a software developer, I delegated responsibilities to a large team of crew members over an intensive 5 month pre-production period. I led a comprehensive casting process that encompassed over six hundred applicants, a diligent rehearsal schedule, and finally, a five-day shoot in New York City. I worked with my co-director to edit the final cut down to 24 minutes from an original 32 minute rough cut. We are currently working with a composer on the original score.

Created by Theodoric Wells and David Goldberger

Hamilton Klein – Theodoric Wells

Seth the Sound Guy – Michael Levinson

Greg the Camera Guy – David Goldberger