Producer, Cinematographer, Colorist

A Jewish soldier in the First World War fights in hand-to-hand combat with an enemy Russian soldier. Based on the life and experience of writer Uri Shatil’s great-grandfather.


Telling the true war story of my friend’s great-grandfather was an impossible pipe dream for many years, starting in high school. Sophomore year of college, I decided to go for it: creating a World War I period piece action film. After developing the script with the writer for several years, we entered an intensive research phase to ensure authenticity of the setting and wardrobe. I worked with the director and oversaw the entire creative and logistical pre-production process from location scouting to casting to wardrobe design and set design. Furthermore, I was the director of photography on set and literally worked in the trenches to create this film. After a harrowing two-day shoot, we worked with our editor to craft the narrative. After locking picture, I colored the film and worked with our sound designer and mixer to literally recreate every single sound in the film with foley and ADR, and process that took several months. It was then with great pride that I took the film to the Boston International Film Festival in my hometown.

Starring Sam Finn Cutler, Fred Fleury, Ross Bergen, Caleb Wells, Uri Shatil, Jeff Thomson

Directed by Jack Breene

Written By Uri Shatil

Producer/Cinematographer/Colorist David Goldberger

Editor Nick Blatt

Sound Design by Rudy Mannarino

Sound Mixing and Original Score by Theodoric Wells

1st AD Story Chen

UPM Maddie Mahoney